Use AI to create content that drives results in seconds

Unda provides small businesses with the tools they need to create effective campaigns that reach their target audience.

How Unda works

Our AI-powered tool will assist you with creating high-quality content and streamlining the content creation process.

Choose your template

Unda comes with 40+ pre-built templates to help power your digital marketing including blog articles, social media posts & video scripts.

Describe your topic

Enter a few sentences about what you want to write as input, as well as the tone you are looking for. Unda will take it from there.

Generate your content

SEO friendly content generated in under 30 seconds. You can save your output or export it to the plaform of your choosing.

Here's some of the content Unda can help you create for your digital marketing campaigns

Blog Posts & Articles

Generate optimized blog posts and articles for your websites in seconds.

Product Description

Write the perfect description for your products for more engagements.

Social Media Ads

Create ads that engage your audience and deliver a high conversion rate.

Social Media Captions

Grab attention with catchy captions for your social media posts.

Rewritten Content

Take a piece of content and rewrite it to make it more interesting, creative, and engaging.

PAS Copywriting Formula

Generate the most effective copywriting formula for your business.